When you are YouTube Content Creator, you have to make sure everything that you upload on YouTube is liked, viewed and engaged by users / viewers.

Here are quite a few items that you should do to get more likes, views and user engagement:

  • Choosing keywords: When you are uploading a video, you need to make sure your video and keywords for which you are uploading are matched and videos are centered over those keywords.
  • Keyword density: You should always include the keywords in the title of the video as well as in the video. Youtube have in-built system that decodes the video and read the words we speak in the video which are later used for video ranking.
  • Better description: When you are creating the description of the video you need to be sure that description written reflects the content in the video.
  • Hashtags: Hashtags are the most important entity in the youtube video optimization. Ensure the hashtags are trending and widely used by users.
  • Category: Select appropriate category for the video so that youtube list it out in the proper place for visitors to see.
  • Thumbnails: Creating eye catching thumbnails that shows the main purpose of the video gets the user's interaction the most. So make sure your youtube video thumbnails are properly optimized and connected with the video you are uploading.
  • Subtitles and Captions: Subtitles and captions of a video plays a vital role in optimizing your videos for SEO. Make sure your captions and subtitles stand out for the video you are uploading.

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