Effective Digital Marketing Trends that will rule the Industry in 2019

With the rise of the internet, everyone has now an online presence. Most of the people are currently active on different social media platforms. That’s the reason why the demand for digital marketing is increasing rapidly. In general, this a form of marketing which helps in attracting people having an online presence. But have you ever thought about the ways which can help you with this?

Well, this is something which changes with time. You can’t just stick to the old methods for digital marketing. The trends which were working in 2017 may not work in 2019. If you want to enjoy a successful digital marketing campaign, then you need to have some knowledge about the recent trends in digital marketing. So, let’s have a look into some of the significant trends that will influence digital marketing in the year 2019.

1. Go for Omnichannel Marketing

It means using a lot of marketing channels at the same time. For example, you can combine emails,social mediasearch as effective marketing channels. Some of the effective channels are:

  • Podcasts
  • Ephemeral video
  • Live broadcasts
  • Smartphone apps
  • SMS
  • PR and press releases
  • Chatbots and more


All these channels can be easily integrated into your traditional marketing strategies. This is quite beneficial for all consumer-facing companies. It is a perfect way to create an ideal customer experience for the customers. With this, you can also boost your customer retention level.

2. Big Data


Digital marketing is considered as both art and science. The reason is you need to obtain figures from various channels and analyze them to get some ideas about the future.Big Dataanalysis includes analysis of consumer interests, market, and predictive analysis. With the help of numerical information or figures, you can come up with different perception about the current digital marketing status and assume the future of your company.

3. Video Marketing

With time, video marketing has emerged as one of the popular and fastest-growing digital marketing strategies. The trends will never go down. As per Cisco, by the year 2021, 83 percent of internet traffic will be brought through videos.

You might be thinking, how does Google find the video useful and rank your website? Well, indeed, Google can’t play and see the video. So, you need to offers the necessary information related to the video which Google can analyze. In detail, Google considers the video’s content section. For example, its title, descriptions, captions, links, and more. But only filling up the form with content will be not enough for you unless you have adequately optimized the video. Optimize, and you can rank the video on the first page of search results. Some methods that you can use for these are:

  • Look out for relevant keywords.
  • Try to boost audience engagement.
  • Do video promotion by sharing the link on different platforms


You can integrate videos in your website’s landing page, try to add a short video to your marketing emails. Upload your product videos on YouTube channels. For lead generation, it can be a perfect marketing tool.

4. Chatbots are everywhere

Nowadays you can find chatbots at different platforms, for example, on websites, social media pages, mobile apps, and more.Chatbotsare designed to help people in different ways. However, chatbots are widely used to help people to get a solution to their issues.


As per the report published by Statists, around 35 percent of people who had participated in the survey told instead of talking to a person they will prefer to chat with an AI or chatbot. These are already being used by different major companies and social media platforms. Talking about chatbot’s impact in the year 2018 were very high. It is estimated that it will grow in this year.

5.Audience or customer targeting with Artificial Intelligence

It is noted easy to reach the right customers for your business. For this, you will need detailed information about the customers. For this, most of the companies have now started utilizing the power of AI-Artificial Intelligence.As per Blueshift’s information, now around 44 to 45 percent of marketers are employing AI to expand their customer base while 35 to 40 percent of marketers are utilizing it to target their customers.


With advanced AI features, you can easily understand your target people. Following which you can employ the right marketing strategy to attract them. With this, you can enjoy a better customer engagement rate.

6. Programmatic Advertising

Managing ads on different channels is not an easy task. That’s why more and more businesses are now incorporating AI for this. One of the best methods is programmatic advertising. In detail, this is a process which uses AI technology to buy and employ different advertisement based on algorithms. It is predicted that by the year 2020, around 80 to 85 percent of ads will be brought by AI-driven channels.

It works on big data, technical expertise, and automation. The significant difference between traditional and programmatic advertising is the programmatic can be carried out in real-time. It increases the chances of success. Not only the large businesses, this is quite effective for small business also. This is also better for business with mass-market appeal.

7. Voice Search


Voice search is now trending in the digital marketing industry. Two significant examples are Siri and Cortona. It is shaping the online retailing industry and now expanding its branches towards other industries. A report published by Gartner, by the end of 2021, most of the businesses will revamp their website by adding voice search features. Following this, the revenue will go up by 30 percent, and there will be around 40 percent increase in web browsing. Some tips to optimize voice search are:

  • To represent you content with some appealing factor, use schema mark-ups
  • Optimize your Google my business ranking, especially for local searches
  • Don’t forget to optimize mobile devices
  • Develop blogs which can be used as answers for common questions

8. Facebook will rise with time

Facebook is still the world’s top social media platform. Its 41 percent of users are from above 65 age group. So, when it comes to targeting a senior people group, there will be nothing more effective than Facebook. Even though it had faced a lot of issues following the data breach incident happened in 2018, still it has managed to regain the reputation. Facebook is always popular, and most Americans use this platform. So, don’t miss the opportunities by ignoring this top social media platform.


Post your ads and share it with different groups for better visibility. When someone comments on your post, don’t forget to reply to the comment. This way, you can develop a strong relationship with your customers.

9. Don’t forget the Live Video

There is no doubt that video marketing is a valuable tool. However, live video has now become one of the growing digital marketing trends. The reason behind this is a massive increase in online streaming services. Live streaming combined with influencer marketing can be used as a great weapon in digital marketing. For example, if you are launching a new product, make the event live through different channels, such as Facebook, YouTube, etc. It can put a positive impact on customers.


When someone interacts directly with the customers, that greatly influence the customers to do a certain task. Spontaneity and high-level of interactivity can be a major factor when carried put perfectly with a famous influencer.

10. Personalized Email Marketing

Till now, email is considered as one of the important channels of communication. In facts, billions of people are still using this. It can be said that email will stay for years, and the importance of email marketing will grow with time.


It has seen that with time, email marketing has gone through a lot of changes. The marketing has now combined automation and personalization, which has made it quite effective. For example, when a user browses some products, you can send the users a price or a product features video in a personalized email. With this, you can influence the customers to perform a particular task, i.e., buying the product. Some of the benefits of personalized email marketing are:

  • It increases your brand loyalty
  • Best customer experiences
  • Develops brand consistency
  • Increase revenue
  • Offers you a lot of opportunities for cross-channel selling

11. Visual Search in Digital Marketing

People are now looking for a faster and easiest way of getting the necessary information. That’s why most of the businesses and online retailers are now using the visual search feature. The MarketandMakets is predicted that visual search market will increase to $ 25.65 billion by the end of this year.

Visual search helps people to find out a complete review of the products that they saw at the local store. Just by using the photos of the object, they can now find out similar products or places in the area.

It is quite fast and very interactive. You can take the example of Amazon. It offers its users an option where they can click a photo of a product using their phones and search for products on the site. You can take advantage of this amazing trend and boost your business.

12.There will be no success without Excellent Content

No matter what types of methods you are trying for digital marketing, without good and quality content, you will not be able to enjoy the success. It is true that in the field of digital marketing content is still considered as the king. The quality matters a lot, but you need to develop content based on your target audience. Thus, you need to have sufficient knowledge about your target market and look out the trends in content marketing.


It is good to go with generalized content but also consider the specialized content for different industries to get effective result. Learn about content marketing and incorporate modern trends to enjoy maximum benefits.

You can go for short storytelling, which is quite effective in attracting the customer’s attention. Use WhatsApp stories, Instagram Stories, or Facebook stories. If your story can inspire people, it can put a great impact on them.


These are some of the trends in digital marketing and will be there for years. Such trends will take digital marketing to a whole new level. As a marketer, you need to keep an eye on these trends, and you can make your digital marketing campaign highly successful. With time, you will see a lot of new trends in this.

For better result, remember to keep yourself updated about the latest Google Algorithms and hire a professional SEO expert to get a 360-degree solution. Don’t worry if you weren’t able to apply the previous year’s trends successfully in your digital marketing campaign. Its time to get ready to employ these latest trends and take your business to a new height.

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